Thursday, April 20, 2017

Wild Winds

I remember exactly the moment when my heart cracked open
it was a beautiful rainy day on a lush grassy hillside in California
I was walking into the kitchen and saw you through the window
you were leaning against a post on the porch and watching the rain
your hands tucked in your pockets, you were lost in a reverie.
A solid, beautiful silhouette against the gentle gray sky
I felt beams of radiant light emanating from my heart.

It was a warm day amidst the delicate blues of the Caribbean
I was falling .. falling into gentle waves from your strong arms
looking up at your face, I experienced the deep beauty of love
the entire universe condensed into that one ephemeral moment
my heart shattered into an immense, infinite nothingness
and in its place a delicate pink cherry blossom bloomed
I left the confinement of the vast dark mystery for light.

I have a sense that this is not the first time I found you
we have played this game before. It was a different time.
We were in the land of dusty mountains and pomegranates.
Since then I spent many a lifetime silently loving you
It is no surprise my heart knows you so intimately
once again I offer you this fragile flower of imperfect beauty.
My love, hold it gently; for this world runs on wild winds!

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